The Story of Giggles

Since Giggles was little, all she could think about was to have fun. Neither the daily chores, nor the moody ground-ups could make Giggles stop being happy.

One day, when the clouds formed a perfect fish in Giggles and her friend went for a walk in the forest. All the forest inhabitants were very excited to see the kids. Life in the forest seemed just too perfect ...

Giggles remembered that many of these beautiful trees were used to make things that were often not needed and for the first time in her life, Giggles got sad. She then wished that all the adults could come to this magical forest and see how life changes here. This is when Giggles decided to gather the rest of her friends and form a group of nature lovers.

Their treehouse club became known as ‘Treely’. Giggles and her friends still played every day, but they always remembered to be caring towards the nature and one another. The ‘Treely’ team explored day and night to find ways for others to see the magic of the nature, while playing, learning and having fun.

They soon made their own treats and whatever they earned they shared with others. Until this day, Treelies wonder the Earth and share kindness, consciousness, and care, while also living happyily and enjoying everyday games.

After all, this is what life is all about.