Why Giggles?

There are many unique advantages to choosing Giggles as your child’s care and development provider, and more specifically:

- Lingual Development
Starting to recognize and communicate in several languages from the young age has its many benefits! At Giggles we have created a unique trilingual environment, with the main emphasis placed on English, as students already communicate in between each other mostly in their native languages, mainly Armenian and Russian.

- Passion towards Learning
As the early years education is one of the crucial stages for starting to develop curiosity and love towards learning, we provide a fun and entertaining environment for our students to make new educational discoveries.

- Value-based Learning
Besides providing our students with knowledge, we constantly encourage understanding and implementation of important life-long values, like independence, empathy, respect, kindness, etc.

- Green Educational Model
Everyday education as Giggles is escorted with good understanding of the nature and how humans should align their daily lives with the natural world. This is the only way to guarantee a sustainable future for our bright generation to live in.

- Daily Communication
To accomplish the best results in children’s development, a continuous and reliable communication between the school and the parents is a must! So, timely and honest communication to and from Giggles is an important daily practice, which our parents’ community truly appreciates.